Beckham has Sprung!

As the rain of an early onset spring drizzles down outside, a new season of fashion begins with new takes on patterns, colors,and textures. Blossoming up from the minds of some of the most notable designers come familiar designs in distinctive tones; some of our favorite color combinations return anew as they take on shapes and sizes like they never have before. Victoria Beckham’s newest line in Target dropped April 9 and will be available until April 30.


As we empty our closets of heavy jackets and that sweater we just can’t seem to let go of, we face the challenge of renewing our wardrobe without emptying our summer vacation funds.  Beckham’s collections allows the wardrobe renewal of the season to be stylish yet penny-wise.

Target has had collections come from top-notch designers like Alexander McQueen, Missoni, and Jason Wu in the past. These collections sold well and become the building blocks to what is now perhaps the most successful and diverse collection Target has to offer. Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with the discount store company is fun, colorful, well designed, and diverse in sizing. It’s clear that while designing she put a lot of thought into the many different body types and age ranges that Target has been supplying with clothing throughout its history.



Pictured here are the Women’s Black Satin Photo Floral Top with Ruffle Sleeve  ($28) paired with the Women’s Black Satin Photo Floral Skirt ($30).


Shirt and Skirt also available in plus sizes!


What really stuck out to me about this top is the bell sleeve detail even with a crop sleeve. It gives the shirt a light and airy and flowing vibe to an outfit set that could have come off rigid and static.

Light&Airy paired with Bold&Structured

In the spirit of spring, Beckham’s collection features light and airy blouses and gingham styles that stir up memories of picnic blankets and spring time fun.

Women’s White Poplin Gathered Waist Top($28) Women’s Blue and White Gingham Twill Pants($30)



Shirt and Pants come in plus sizes!


Currently on trend, Beckham was sure to include the scallop. Her execution was of course rather posh and unique with an asymmetric design and small key hole in the back.

DSC_0345Women’s Black Twill Tank Top with Asymmetric Scallop Trim ($26) with plus size options

A keyhole design on the back of this shirt gives it that creative touch we were hoping for with this collection.


This top also pairs really well with the Black Satin Photo Floral Skirt




*Special Thanks to models Ziajah and Patricia for helping make this post possible*


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