Sneakin’ Around the City


Sneakers come in so many styles and colors, they may be considered one of the best ways to express ourselves. Whether you keep them clean or let the elements get to them, have a new pair every month or wear them ’til the soles are showing says more about your style than your status or economic standing.


Starting off as boring and bland looking as could be with not even so much as a definitive left or right foot design, the beginning of sneakers in the late 18th century showed no signs that sneakers would become one of the most captivating ways to express oneself. Almost everyone has that favorite pair or the pair that has that distant memory attached to it, but we all tell our stories of drunk nights, perfect concerts, play fights, and that time you got hurt with these outfit staples.



DSC_0059I initially headed out onto the streets with a certain vision in mind, but as I started getting shots of people I realized a true trend. Adidas are IN, and I this post truly opened my eyes to that. Maybe it’s because they come in a myriad of different styles and colors, and can be be paired with everything from casual wear all the  way up to a suit.



My favorite look that people have been showing a lot of is the exposed socks style. This is by no means exclusive to Adidas, but it definitely gives the wearer a stylish and fresh look that I LOVE!




These shoes bring back so many memories for me. Hardcore shows and piercings in my best friend’s bathroom can probably be marked by a pair of good ol’ Chuck Taylors. Whether you wear them high or wear them low, they are one of those shows that can be rocked in so many different ways, it really allows your style to show through. They will always have a place in my heart ,and on the streets and buses of my favorite cities.


Spotlight of the Day:

Vans are a personal favorite of mine. I own a bleach-splattered pair that I probably won’t separate from for another 50 years. What captured me most was the seamless theme of white this man held very strongly to. I had only a moment to capture this look, but I am so grateful that I was able to.

Shout out of the day:

Shout out to this man for rocking the most kickass sneakers I’ve seen to date.


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