Oscars and its throwbacks

Most of us express and speak our mind through our clothing. A full black outfit for a bad day or a get up blessed with bold colors and wild patterns shows your desire to be a wild child. No matter what your searching for or trying to project, clothes serve as our way to speak without wasting our breath. The best place to see this is in the hustle and bustle of the city streets or in the sedate setting of the suburbs, but what I’ve come to realize is that this also applies in the world of Award Shows. The desire to be noticed and remembered is all the same, but perhaps just a tad more intense with the glitz and glare of fame.


Going Vintage

Whether or not it is the designer or actors/actresses’ choice isn’t always clear, but what is usually rather clear is the influences that we see from the last century or even the one before. High necklines, Bell sleeves, and even the cut of some outfits can be reminiscent of a certain time from long ago.

50s:The  off-shoulder style as well as the slit along the thigh  can remind one of something that Marilyn Monroe or Bridgette Bardot would wear. It’s this steaming style that turned heads as Taraji P. Henson made her way down the red carpet on Sunday. And though, it’s not the focus of this post, her hair had a very fifties look to it as well. Nicely done!

Taraji at the Oscars 2017. * I do not own this image*




70s:The gold tone of this dress carries a vintage tone on its own, but the style of the dress reminds me of the a mixture between the Gunne Sax era as well as the early eighties looks that graced dance clubs and many a groovy get-together such as prom or homecoming. Though it may not have impressed critics of the runway, it must be be acknowledged that this dress is simply a blast from the past, and should be looked at in that context.

3DB8DE4700000578-4249972-The_golden_girls_Jessica_Biel_Chrissy_Teigen_and_Dakota_Johnson_-a-223_1488155843338      prom-dresses-70s-classy-patterns-mccalls-4249-sweet-vintage-70s-bride-bridal


90s: An era with emphasis on style all the way down to your shoes can be brought back to mind when looking at the boldly bright sneakers that Sunny Pawar rocked at the Oscars. This tux with a nice set of kicks combo shows that children have their place not only in the Oscars, but also in the fashion world.





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