Didn’t you love that trend?

A New York Fashion Week concludes, it seems necessary to take a look back at some of the best looks from the past week. From contemporary looks that thrive on originality to looks that drew their influences from the looks as far back as fashion can see. There were a lot of transparent fabrics paired with floral embroidery and exaggerated aspects of an outfit, whether it be the length or the size of the garment or accessory. I’m not the only one who noticed these stellar looks. Janelle Ntim and Patricia Young join me this week in covering our favorite looks from NYFW.

Janelle works at my favorite Wegmans, and she can always be seen sprucing her look up with a colorful headband or necklace, even in the work uniform. We talked a little about her favorite looks from NYFW and how she thinks those looks will trick down to her own wardrobe.

Marc Jacobs

Photo Credits to lavanguardia.com

Me: So what would be your favorite aspect of the Marc Jacobs Collection this year?

Janelle: I LOVED the big,obnoxious hats. They were really fun looking, and maybe I wouldn’t wear it myself, but I liked that he made some of the looks more fun.

M: So now I have to know, what was your least favorite?

J:Some of the pants were a little too long it looked like? And I didn’t like that very much. I get he was going for a kind of early days of hip-hop look, but I felt it fell a little flat?

Photo Credits to footwearnews.com

M: If money wasn’t an object, which one of the looks would you snag?

J:There were some really comfy looking jackets on the runway. I’m not sure if I’d get to wear them with this crazy weather, but they honestly looked so cozy that I’d love to cop one of those for sure.

Photo Courtesy of footwearnews.com

Patricia Young owns her own business in Hoboken, and never stops styling whether it’s in her business attire or her casual Friday looks. Working with her for years, I saw that she was seriously all about representing herself and her company well the way she knows best, by slaying!

Ralph Lauren

Photo Courtesy of nymag.com

Me: So what was your favorite element from Ralph Lauren’s collection this year?

Patricia: I definitely loved what he did with his use of fabrics! They were chic and classy looking, but also rather reserved. I like that sort of thing in my own style so I like to see it make an appearance on the runway.

M: Is there anything you found particularly unfavorable about this collection?

P: Honestly not really. Ralph Lauren is on top for a reason, he rarely fails, and if he does, isn’t that the point of fashion? If you don’t do your best, people are bound to talk about it, and it will still look amazing or ahead of its time to someone. I see a lot of value in that.

M: So Ralph Lauren can do no wrong in your eyes?

Photo Courtesy of nymag.com

P: Oh he most certainly can! But, in all the things he does I see room for it to be the next big trend, or the next groundbreaking fashion statement.

M: So what do you think his most groundbreaking piece was?

P: The first look to come down the runway was amazing! I couldn’t figure out whether or not it was a dress? A jumper? A skirt and a shirt? In society no one wants to put in these boxes anymore, maybe we shouldn’t do it to our clothes either.

Photo Courtesy of nymag.com

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