Runway from Home[For Print]


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Button-ups, over-the-knee socks, and denim patterns are just some of the elements of designer Adam Selman’s Fall Winter 2017/2018 collection that he displayed at New York Fashion Week. This collection had elements of the cozy Sunday at home look blended seamlessly with the complexity of high fashion notions. These came in the form of exaggerated and long belts as well as sheer yet blinding green sequin patterns.

While most details were exquisite, what was most favorable was the rose embroidery details on fabric dyed hues of denim. Perhaps what seems to captivate more than that element, which has been on the rise among lower and street fashion, is the cuts and styles of denim Selman curated for this collection. A jumpsuit with a zip-front detail, a skirt with an open slit detail in the front, a moto jacket were some of the finer points in this portion of the collection.

Photo Courtesy of Victor Virgile.

The flower detail was not only limited to denim as Selman also dazzled the runway by embellishing sheer fabrics with the same kind of red rose embroidery and print. This style came in the forms of pants, a blouse paired with a popping red belt (and converse for that homey/street feel), and a maxi/crop top set with a sexy open back detail. Though this detail has been done before and can be seen as a take on vintage, Selman revitalizes it, and give it a fresh face with not only the exquisite detail of the embroidery and print, but his use and placement of the detail brings it out of the streets and blogosphere, and to the runway of NYFW.

Vintage looks were scarce, but absolutely present in this collection. Big flowing pants whose fabrics  matched their top and blazer counterparts brought back 90s music video style to mind. High-waisted rebellious red and bellowing  pants ensued thoughts of 70s British rebellion. Most successful and stylish vintage look was the 1980s, soft pink velvet pantsuit. Modernized with a rhinestone pink belt, the outfit was simply dazzling.

Photo Courtesy of

The most shocking look in this runway show was the shirt that was simply real flowers. Flowers flowed in every direction on the model’s elegant frame, and bounced with every cat-esque step she took. Was this a political piece? Calling us out for loving the aesthetics of nature and the flowers it blooms, but not taking care of her to keep these flowers that detail, embellish, and define our clothing? Perhaps I’m overshooting for a bit more political outcry among artists. Regardless, the flower top paired with black and teal metallic pants stole the show for sure.


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