Tadashi Shoji NYFW

As Tashashi Shoji’s looks rushed down the runway, he blew the audience away with several themes and looks that took vintage styles and gave them a new life that burned the runway.

Bold and Heavy On Top, Light and Airy Below (60s)

Pairing lace textures with heavy embroidery and brocade was extremely reminiscent of the style of the sixties. The bohemian vibe that this look gave off was modernized with metallic accents and deep v’s. The influence of high and street fashion of this era shined through many designs.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images














Smells Like Lace and Velvet (90s)

Shoji is not only inspired by the look of the rock stars and hippies from way before I was born, but also from the cuts and styles we saw on Friends and the grammys of the 1990s.

Bringing his own flavor to the look, he introduces cuts and see through sections that are flattering and sexy in a new age way.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

This collection is an upgrade from the 90s look that did not always do the female figure service and instead of drawing broad lines or squares around the models, Shoji used a mixture of colors and textures to bring out the curves and angles of the female body.



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