Street Meets Carpet

It seems as though there is often a desire among people to separate, separate, separate. We often separate rich and poor like it’s clean and dirty, or rug in our bedroom from the red carpet like it’s darks and whites in the wash.

However, I have seen things on the red carpet that I couldn’t believe had made it that far. Styles I’d seen years before on the streets on New York or even New Brunswick find themselves evolved into a higher fashion that celebrities and tabloids can gag over for years to come.

This awards season has captured my eyes with some incredibly street influenced looks that show the diversity that Hollywood and that part of the world are gaining in today’s society.

Colorful Stripes

Photo Courtesy of

A style among all the classes, colorful stripes made it’s rounds on the SAG awards red carpet.

Michelle Dockery at the SAG Awards. Photo Courtesy of

Brightened and bolded to give it the Red Carpet ready look, these colorful stripes scream I deserve an award, but definitely at least your attention. I’ve seen this look in the natural hair community/ African American woman community paired with head wraps and big chunky, bold bangles.

Not to get political, but…

Photo Courtesy of

This has been an incredibly politically charged year. Trump, Clinton, and Bernie stickers,signs, shirts,bumper stickers, and street art can be seen nearly anywhere in the country. It’s no wonder it blasted its way into the fashion world, and made several appearances on the Red Carpet.

The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 29 Jan 2017
Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne at the SAG Awards. Photo Courtesy of
Joy Villa pictured in her Pro-Trump dress on the Grammys red carpet. Photo Courtesy of

Whether you agree or disagree with their message, it should be respected that these celebrities are willing to risk the ridicule and rejection that can come from displaying their political beliefs so boldly. That not only reflects the street style fashion in that it is a clear and direct expression of how that person feels and thinks, but the street fashion attitude that does not seem to care what anyone thinks.

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