Greetings fellow bloggers and readers! This blog will consist of street wear, high fashion reviews, and any fashion that catches my eye. I believe that we are all models in this world, and how we express ourselves through our clothes tells more about our story than we sometimes even realize. Clothing always tells a story, whether it’s brand new, thrifted from your local good will, or being featured on the red carpet. My aim here is to capture even a sentence of that story and present it to my readers in a way that does justice to the wearers and designers of the outfits and looks featured here.

Another valuable aspect of the clothing is  the history it carries and the social situations that more often than not occur in relation to it. From mini skirts in the free and sexually liberated 60s to the gender bending styles of today. The exploration of this relationship and the stories my subjects tell will be the main focus of this blog, and will hopefully shed some light on how fashion loops around itself and  bleeds into nearly every aspect of our lives. You don’t have to agree, just hear me out at least, and let’s discuss!

I’m open to submissions, opinions, and everything in between. This is a fashion community, and we are all a part of it. Join me in this journey towards understanding the world, both inside and outside of fashion, together.


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